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Chetwynd Junior School should be seen as an extension to the family

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What is our vision for our children?


“Chetwynd School should be seen as an extension to the family.”


At Chetwynd Junior School our pupils are good citizens who anchor roots firmly in their community, are proud of their identity and have a good sense of where they are from. A Chetwynd Child feels nurtured and cared for, allowing them to take the seeds of education that we sow, spreading the shoots of kindness to all they meet. Using their resilience as a strength to develop through success and failure alike. To use all they have learnt and experienced to blossom as they mature and prosper to be curious and inspired for their future, but always remembering they are part of team Chetwynd. To know in their hearts and minds, a Chetwynd child is one now, in the future, forever.