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Vision and Values

What is our vision for our children?


“Chetwynd School should be seen as an extension to the family.”


  • The school is committed to the promotion of the development of the ‘whole’ child including meeting the needs of their physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • We aim to promote the love of ‘lifelong learning’.
  • We believe that children should be immersed in a learning environment that inspires them.
  • We aim to bring out the best in children so that they reach their full potential and set their sights high.


We want children to;

  • Know their identity and cultural background.
  • “Know who they are and where they come from.”
  • Gain knowledge, skills and understanding that they can transfer and build on in future learning.
  • Gain experiences that motivate, inspire them and promote future learning.
  • Recognise British Values throughout their learning.
  • Become ‘Chetwynd Children’, to care about themselves and their community and to develop a belief in their ability to contribute to making the world a brighter, safer and happier place to be.