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Young Climate Warrior—Wild Bird Care

‘Nearly half of all bird species are in decline, with more than one in eight at risk of extinction … however conservation action works’.

State of the World’s Birds, 2022, Birdlife International


This report does paint a deeply concerning picture, but it also details many example of species being saved from extinction, populations recovering, threats managed and ecosystems restored. There are high hopes for a positive outcome from the UN Biodiversity summit, being held this week in Montreal, Canada. The world only negotiates biodiversity targets once a decade, and the ‘Global Biodiversity Framework’ needs to drive immediate action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. Can you imagine a ‘nature-positive’ world – with more nature at the end of the decade, than we have now?


This holiday we are encouraging children to pause and take time to support and enjoy our wild birds – listen and recognise their birdsong, learn how to draw a robin…During cold snaps in the winter, food provided by humans could make a difference to a bird’s survival. Children are encouraged to make a simple bird feeder – a Christmas wreath for birds - and then watch and wait!


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