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Eco Squad

The Eco Squad meet during breaks and lunchtimes throughout the week and  help by improving our school grounds.

One of their many jobs is to keep areas tidy. Another is to keep all in school aware of green issues and caring for not only the school environment but to show others that everywhere is important.

The weather may be far too cold and wet for gardening at the moment but Eco Squad are planning for the year ahead. Thinking about the types of fruits and vegetables we want to grow, designing the growing beds and preparing the equipment we need etc.

It's this time of year we’d also ask for any donations of unwanted seeds, pots, canes, trays etc. that you might have cluttering up your shed or greenhouse. So if you’re having a clear out please consider Eco Squad!

Earth Hour

Eco Squad will be taking part in Earth Hour this year and would like to encourage everyone else to join them.

Saturday 24 March – lights out at 8:30pm - #EarthHourUK











The WWF says:

Right now we’re up against the biggest environmental threats that our generation, or any generation, has ever faced.

Wildlife we love, like elephants, turtles and polar bears, are at risk from the effects of climate change, pollution & over-consumption.

The damage has been shockingly fast. Over the last 25 – 30 years: (Source: WWF-UK Living Planet Report)

  • 80% of freshwater species have declined
  • Over 50% of populations of land species have declined
  • 40% of our forests have disappeared to agricultural land with 15 million trees lost each year just for soy production
  • 1 in 6 of the planet’s species are at risk of extinction from climate change

How we’re helping fix it:

  • Working with international governments to accelerate the shift to a low-carbon economy and drastically reduce emissions from burning fossil fuels like coal, oil & gas
  • Restoring & protecting important habitats
  • Addressing our food systems to ensure we’re farming sustainably, reducing waste and consuming responsibly
  • Helping poorer countries cope with their changing climate
  • Encouraging everyone to make sustainable lifestyle choices such as the energy in their homes, transport options, sustainable diets and more…

Severn Trent Saving Water Assembly - January 2018

Severn Trent visited us in January to demonstrate to children how clean water reaches our pipes! They also provided us with handy tips on how we can all save more water.

Severn Trent Wet Water Wizard Homefile

Severn Trent Promise Card

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