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Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga says:

"Every week, millions of kids do our yoga and mindfulness sessions on video in class and at home. And thousands of teachers that we've trained lead classes in their own communities. We're doing what we can to make yoga and mindfulness fun for kids - so they can enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits early."


Below, you will find a link to their Youtube page, along with some examples of their yoga videos.

The Body Scan Meditation | Cosmic Kids: Zen Den

A weekly 15-minute meditation which works for both kids and grown-ups! Benefits: improved self awareness, deep relaxation and better focus 😌☀️

Kids Yoga For Confidence ✨ Yoga Club | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Build up your confidence with some brain and body boosting yoga in this week's Yoga Club!🌈

Pokemon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure with Pokemon!