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Rocket Science

British astronaut Tim was selected for his mission in May 2013. His selection followed an increase in Government investment in the European Space Agency, and a first time ever investment by the British Government in the ISS programme. Principia, the name of Tim’s mission, honours the great work of Sir Isaac Newton, which laid down the laws of gravity and motion that are key to the world of space environments and human spaceflight. At his temporary home in space Tim will embark on his own programme of scientific discovery. The ISS is above all a place for scientific research, and while there Tim will be working on experiments that cannot be done anywhere on Earth.


To mark Tim’s mission, the UK Space Agency has initiated a range of inspiring projects for schools. The projects harness the expertise of partner organisations in a wide range of fields. All projects have some element of science or technology in them, cover a range of curriculum-linked activities and use the mission to inspire young people and increase interest in STEM subjects.


At Chetwynd, many of our children from across all year groups have been becoming Space Biologists! This is fantastic, hands on, interactive learning which will help bring more understanding to their science knowledge.