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Winter Weather

With the colder weather finally upon us, we are sending out our letter regarding school closures due to bad weather. 

We send this letter jointly with Whitestone Infant School.


Monday 8th December 2014                                                                                  

Dear Parents                                                                 


With the prospect of colder weather approaching throughout the winter period, we have decided to inform parents about the procedures that are in place in the event of our schools needing to close.


Any decision to close the schools will be jointly agreed by both head teachers.  


At this time we inform the Warwickshire Local Authority’s ‘Closure Line’ with any details ( This will automatically notify the local radio stations.


BBC Coventry and Warwickshire: 94.8 FM & 103.7 FM & 104.0 FM

School closures are broadcast after news bulletins.


Further information can be found on each school’s website when a closure arises:


Warwickshire County Council provides a FREE SERVICE for parents enabling them to receive emergency closure texts and email alerts for up to 3 schools.


To subscribe to the new system:

For Chetwynd - Text ‘Schclosures 9372581 ON’ to 07950 081082 

For Whitestone - Text ‘Schclosures 9372123 ON’ to 07950 081082


Yours sincerely


Roy Garner & Nicola Green